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Giovan Bella

PreciousMoments Shower Cap

PreciousMoments Shower Cap

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"PreciousMoments Shower Cap" is a charming and functional shower cap designed to make bath time enjoyable and mess-free for your little one. With a focus on quality and comfort, this shower cap ensures that your baby's hair and face stay dry during bath time, protecting them from water splashes and keeping them cozy and content. The name "PreciousMoments" reflects the precious bonding time shared between parents and their baby during bath time, making it a special and enjoyable experience for both. The "PreciousMoments Shower Cap" is an essential and practical addition to your baby's bath routine, adding a touch of cuteness and convenience to make bath time a memorable and delightful occasion.


Size: Resizable

Pattern Type: Solid

Material: polypropylene (pp)

Feature 1: Adjustable Hair Wash Hat.

Feature 2:  Ear Protection.

Feature 3: Protect Eyes from Shampoo.

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